Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Movie Night - Out

The movie night is almost a staple of most date nights I think. However, that doesn't mean it has to be boring or the thing you do when you've run out of ideas.

Some of the things we've done
Before or after the movie:
Often we'll make sure we have time to go for a walk and chat or have dinner and chat before the movie - especially after a busy day so we can reconnect (sitting in silence with each other that may be quantity of time but certainly not quality). If there's not time for that before, then we'll do it after the movie.

Making the most of the 'ad' time:
This might sound silly but every time we go to the movies, because my husband is very competative (okay, I may be starting to be just a little competative myself), we play a game while the ads are going before the movie starts. The game is 'alphabet' and you need to find each letter of the alphabet, in order, from the words that appear on screen. The first one to get to 'z' is the winner. Sometimes we have a prize at stake - like the 'loser' needs to do the washing up at home;  the right to drive home (neither of us like being in a car with someone else driving)...

At the movies:
We take turns in organising our date nights so when it comes to movies, we'll often choose something we know the other person would love, even if not our favourite type of movie. For example, my husband has taken me to a few 'chick flicks' that I know are definitely not on his 'must see' list. I've even said that I'd see one of those movies with a friend and yet, he's chosen to see the movie with me for date night.
Sometimes there's a movie that we have both wanted to see and whoever's on for date night the week the movie comes out has often organised going and seeing it.
During certain times of the year, there are 'movies under the stars' so it's worth checking out local guides and seeing when and where they're playing. It's a good chance to relax with a picnic outside while watching a movie - either something new or often they'll play old classics which can be fun. Some of the following might be worth checking out or search for your local outdoor cinemas or open air cinemas on the internet: Moonlight Cinema, Camelot Outdoor Cinema, Starlight Cinema.

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