Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why date nights?

Before we were married, my husband instigated date nights. I love him for that (and for so many other reasons!).

Our lives are so busy with ministry and work (is there a difference?!) that we needed to set aside time for us - to protect and strengthen our marriage.

What is a date night? It's really about creating a space and time to be with each other. Sometimes there's not alot of time in the week to connect or even talk about important stuff that's going on and it can also be easy to forget to have fun with each other in the routine and busyness of life. Date nights (or mornings or afternoons) create that space.

We believe that a regular date night is important and while the day or night may need to change, we work hard at making sure that we have a weekly 'date'.

So many people have asked us about ideas for date nights of their own that I thought I'd put some ideas here that may help you in planning date nights of your own. Some are simple, from dinner and a movie, to those requiring a little more effort like fun theme nights.

There are no rules to follow.

Enjoy each other and have fun!

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