Friday, July 13, 2012

Not just the two of us anymore

I thought it was time for a few more date night ideas. I haven't posted for a while, spending most of my time with our baby girl. Our date nights still happen but sometimes, it's not just the two of us anymore. 

Getting used to being parents and all that goes with having a new, small person in the house, has meant that date nights need to be flexible. There are times when date night has consisted of sitting with a small, upset baby and singing or rocking her to sleep. Other times, we have managed to spend time together while she is peacefully sleeping... We are loving the challenge of making time for each other while having this new love in our lives.

At times, date night has been very simple - a chat over a meal in between baby feeds and changes. At other times, being tired and overwhelmed with this new chapter in our lives has meant that some creativity in date night planning has gone by the wayside. Still, our time together as a couple is valued and vital as we live and love each other and our precious daughter.

So, if you have a little 'third' (or maybe you have many little 'third persons') person in your house, make sure that you still make time for each other. Things may need to change for a while but don't let your date time fizzle out.

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