Monday, August 6, 2012

Paper hearts

I love to do different things for our at-home date nights. A simple at-home date night can turn into something a little more special when you change the lighting, decorate a little or move some furniture around.

This time, I spent ages cutting out red and white hearts to make into garlands to string up over our dining table. I also made paper-chain hearts to decorate with as well.

I made a roast dinner and we ate by candlelight with some great music playing in the background.

We played a couple of card games we enjoy and we chatted about positives from the past year and what we're looking forward to over the next few months. It's good to create space for good conversations - the kind that maybe don't happen often when life gets busy or kids are in the mix.

It was a simple night, really, but was special and fun.

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